Seks-irani Rieker 46778-40, Women's Sling Back Pumps, Grey (Grey), 5 UK (38 EU):Seks-irani
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Rieker 46778-40, Women's Sling Back Pumps, Grey (Grey), 5 UK (38 EU):Seks-irani

Rieker Published in October 23, 2018, 10:46 am
 Rieker 46778-40, Women's Sling Back Pumps, Grey (Grey), 5 UK (38 EU):Seks-irani

Rieker 46778-40, Women's Sling Back Pumps, Grey (Grey), 5 UK (38 EU):Seks-irani

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E. Snare
E. Snare Reply to on 30 May 2015
These are the best shoes ever and I have managed to acquire several pairs, in various colours.. From the moment you put them on they are comfortable and remain so for a whole day without even having to rest. I put on a new pair and walked round the hills in the Vienna woods for three hours last week and my feet didn't complain ONCE. Brilliant.
Rachel G
Rachel G Reply to on 25 August 2018
Amazingly soft comfortable shoes, and a smashing shade of grey/blue. But because they are sling backs my trousers were catching on the heel of the shoe as I walked, so I had to return them.
Teresa. Gt
Teresa. Gt Reply to on 2 February 2016
As usual these lovely sandal/shoes are still top of the list for lightweight comfort and stylish looks I have the same style in White with gold,
Beige with two shades of purple and my latest purchase two shades of grey (shoes not book lol) at 84yrs Young I still ADORE shoes
KMSimpson Reply to on 9 June 2017
These shoes are really comfortable. in grey, they can be worn with so many different colour of trousers and jeans. I already own a white pair and will probably buy a pair in the brown too as they are like wearing slippers.
Ann Blakely
Ann Blakely Reply to on 24 May 2018
I bought these in Grey because a previous pair in Cornflower Blue are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.
The Grey are lovely but not quite as comfortable, don’t know why as they are the same size but the leather is not quite as soft. I’d still buy them though. An earlier review when I bought the blue ones described them as like walking on sunshine!
HAPPYFACE8 Reply to on 9 June 2016
I originally bought these shoes from a local shoe shop, so when I saw Amazon was selling Rieker shoes , I ordered two pairs in different colours. Good quality leather, so comfortable and suitable winter or summer wear. Love them!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 27 April 2017
I already have them in another colour so knew I would like them
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 1 July 2016
I have 4 pairs of these shoes now, like slippers ,so comfortable ..... So much more stylish than trainers😃
Robert Reply to on 27 May 2014
My wife loves Rieker shoes and these are some of her favourites. Delivery was very prompt and th fit was perfect. Here's to the next pair.
J A.
J A. Reply to on 31 May 2015
Third pair of this design! The soft leather moulds to your foot, they never rub. A delight to wear
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